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Dispelling Myths, Changing Lives

Stacey Love is a multi-disciplinary Engineer and Project Manager with chronic pain. After 15 years of trying any pain-management option available, including a health region pilot program for new ways to treat chronic pain, Stacey wanted – nay, needed – an alternative to opioids.

Stacey began researching medical marijuana in 2014. She put her chemical engineering degree to work, developing a line of products for pain management that she is now extending to other illnesses and for canine care. She claims she can cure anything with cannabis, although her husband Jessie is as-yet unwilling to let her try it on broken bones.

As an informed professional, Stacey wants to dispel the fears that people have about marijuana. She began LoveMJ.solutions after her doctor lamented the lack of reliable information available to health care professionals, especially about how patients should actually USE cannabis. Her blog offers honest advice, recipes, and dosing options for followers that include patients, doctors, and politicians. Following a dental office’s request, LoveMJ introduced seminars for schools, companies, and individuals who want a better understanding of both medical and recreational marijuana.

With their engineering firm LovePS, Stacey and Jessie have developed a niche as engineers who design home and commercial grow-ops. Stacey also helps other marijuana researchers access government funding for their work. In spring, she will also be extending LovePS freelance sommelier services to “Wine & Weed”.

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