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LoveMJ provides a low-cost alternative to the big certified labs for your quality improvement or home growing. Our trained lab technicians will test your cannabis for potency, helping you plan for the best possible harvest times. Download and complete the submission form, and include it with your samples. You can request odour-proof packaging for shipping samples to us using the form below.

The big labs want over $1,000 plus 30 g (1 oz.) of bud for analysis. While this large sample does provide excellent accuracy, the expenses are clearly out of reach for a lot of growers. We can test a smaller sample for a lot less money.


  • $60 + 3 gram sample for High-Precision Total THC & CBD
  • $100 + 2 gram for over 50 cannabinoids and terpenes Coming Soon!

Larger samples will provide more accuracy. Volume discounts are applied automatically for samples that are at least double the minimum size.

Sample Submission Form


Send your Samples to:


Box 25154
RPO River Heights
Saskatoon, SK
S7K 8B7

Packaging Request Form

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