Cannabis Myth #1: Cannabis has no medicinal value

Humans have been using marijuana for medicinal purposes for millennia. Noticing other mammals eating the green flowers from the leafy bushes, early humans tried it themselves. Liking the way it made them feel, they began to experiment with ways to use it. For centuries, shamans, herbalists, and medicine men used marijuana to treat ailments of all kinds.

Without going into the political reasons for criminalization, I will just point out that they were strictly political. Governments began to propagate false information about marijuana to justify new legislation restricting the use of cannabis in any form. (Oddly enough, while trying to achieve complete prohibition, American legislators specified Cannabis sativa within their regulations, leaving both Cannabis indica and Cannabis ruderalis technically uncontrolled.)

Nowadays, people are recognizing the value of medicinal cannabis once again. Research into potential applications has resumed and we are recovering the ancient knowledge about this seriously magical plant. To date, research is focusing on 2-3 cannabinoids: THC, CBD, and to a lesser extent, CBN, although there are hundreds of active compounds that work individually and in concert to provide a myriad of benefits.


CBD is the primary analgesic in marijuana. This is the same type of medicine as Tylenol and Tiger Balm, but much more effective. It also reduces the psychotropic effects of THC and its ability to suppress hunger makes it the perfect antidote to the “munchies”. Furthermore, studies have shown that cannabinoids including CBD can kill cancer cells, reducing the size of tumours prior to any other treatment starting. (Ref: CBD, THC, and Cancer on


THC is the most well-known cannabinoid, partly because recreational users bred strains for maximum THC. THC’s primary effect is euphoria, making it ideal for anxiety and stress disorders. It’s ability to suppress nausea helps cancer patients maintain a healthy diet through chemotherapy.


As marijuana grows and for up to 6 months past harvest, the cannabinoid levels change as different compounds react to form new ones. As the flowers mature and cure, THC degrades into CBN. CBN’s greatest power is as a sedative, perfect for treating insomnia and tension-based ailments.

Other Compounds

Terpenes are just one category of other compounds in cannabis and include anything smelly in any plant. Like with aromatherapy, these compounds offer a wide range of effects, from relaxation to immune system boosts, and they are even more powerful when combined.

The internet is awash with false information about marijuana. People who are against any form of legalization use these myths to defend their views, even when science proves otherwise. LoveMJ endeavours to counter these claims with real information.

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