Top 3 ways to use Medical Cannabis
when you can’t spark it up!

This article was originally published in April 2015.
I’m not a fan of using my medication by smoking. Sure, I smoked tobacco “back in the day” but now the smoke irritates my throat and chest, which seems counter-productive in a pain reliever. Plus, it smells, making it obvious to anyone nearby. So here are my top 3 alternatives:

  1. Canna-caps: I consume about 2/3 of my medicine in capsule form. Every month when I receive my supply, it takes me a half-day to decarb it and process it to a powder, then fill gelatin capsules. They are handy, have a consistent dosage, and extremely discreet. From experience, I know exactly how long they will take to kick in and how long they will last. I”ve even found ways to season them so that there is no odour at all.
  2. Vapourizers: This is a great option for quicker relief than digestion can provide. You do need a different vapourizer than you use for oils, or a conversion kit, but with so many people using eCigarettes, nobody even notices that yours happens to contain herbs instead of oil.
  3. Tincture: There is nothing better than alcohol for cleaning the resins that accumulate in your tools while making capsules. Did you know that those residues can accumulate into an effective, extremely fast-acting pain reliever?

Want to know more? In the coming weeks, we”ll give you more details on each of those options. And we”re still researching edibles and canna-balms, too! We will also offer tips on selecting the best strains for your needs and reviews of the strains we try.

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