Cannabis Myth #3: Marijuana Users are Lazy

This myth grew more from racism than any observable fact. Americans were looking for a way to slow immigration from the south, because they believed that the manual labourers who worked for less money than local people demanded were a drain on society. They needed a way to sway public opinion to be more anti-Mexican, and marijuana was their tool of choice.

In early anti-weed propaganda, governments promoted the image of a lazy, drunken Mexican as the typical cannabis user. The stereotype was that marijuana, not systemic racism, was the reason why Mexican immigrants were unable to become productive members of society. Local white people heard that if they used marijuana, they would magically turn into this lazy freeloader.

In fact, many people use specific varieties of marijuana to increase their productivity, because of its ability to:

  • Boost creativity, leading to better problem-solving
  • Reduce stress and anxiety, improving worker health
  • Improve focus, motivation, and concentration
  • Assist with sleep, so they can function better the next day
  • Ease personal relationships to improve empathy and collaboration

The truth is that people are who they are, and most marijuana will only emphasize that. Individuals who want specific benefits can choose the strains that provide those benefits while minimizing undesirable effects.

In the comments, let us know: how does marijuana help you get things done?

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